Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obamas Sun and Scam
While Americans Burn

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

If Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) is currently under the legal and political gun by States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for being caught on tape while conspiring to try to sell the Illinois U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, then what does that make Barack Obama and his election campaign team (not even the transition team) for openly, wantonly, and illegally selling a spot at the January 20, 2009, inauguration, when those tickets are being distributed FREE?!

Talking about a ponzi scheme??!! Madoff doesn't have anything on the Obama faction. It is Chicago's crooked politics that is flooding the entire nation compliments of Barack Obama who contends he knows nothing about either scam.

Shades of Baby Doc and the Marcos Pair?

I ask you, dear reader, can "Let them eat cake," be far behind?
Don't scoff and don't sneer. About six months ago, when I first started writing political commentary about Obama's bid for the Office of President, I sent along to the Obama campaign a copy of my article lambasting him via their email address and requested their response. Instead, they put me on their mailing list. It was then that I immediately discovered that Obama and his people say one thing in the public arena and another thing altogether directly to their collection of email addresses compiled and catalogued in their databases in the same way that mine was.

Other than that, I have yet to receive a personal response from them to address my initial query to them. Apparently, they haven't realized yet that I am not on their side, whatsoever! And I am beginning to lose my patience about how those people are being allowed by somebody to continue electioneering and campaigning and grabbing up monetary and (probably in-kind) donations from so many poor, unsuspecting people despite the near billions (by now) collected by Barack Obama and his minions.

Who is paying for that $3500 per day vacation house in Hawaii for Obama and his family and close relatives and friends to bake in the sunny isle while a whole lot of Americans are freezing in the cold, chilly winds of foreclosure and layoffs?

Whose money is paying for that expensive and expansive work going on right now in Washington, D.C. to prepare the Inauguration site?

Who is collecting those solicited donations in the name of "Obama For America" under the name of David Plouffe, campaign manager?

Who are the people, organizations, and nations being solicited by the Obama team? Are Africa and other foreign nations still on their email list which includes a donation button at the bottom of the page?

At what point does Barack Obama and his team plan to shut down their campaigning mode? The election campaign ended on November 4, 2008.

Somebody Please Wake Up the United States Congress!

I don't mind telling you I am doing a slow burn that is heating up by degrees, because the incoming Obama folk are letting Americans know from the outset that they plan to do whatever they want and hang Congress and its constitutionally legislative mandate to make and enforce laws by lawful legislation in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate --- and not by either the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch.

In case you have not received your invitation to the Inauguration, take a look at what came in my email box today. I guess the Obama people need the money, so I don't suppose they'd object to my sharing this, as follows,

(Quoted in full, below)

Rev. L --

Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States of America on January 20th, 2009.It will be an unprecedented event in the history of our country, and hundreds of thousands of people will come together in Washington, D.C. to share the moment.

Supporters like you made this happen. You know that real change comes from the bottom up, not from the top down, and Barack and Joe want you to join them on this historic day. They want to start off this administration with the people who worked so hard and will continue to fight for change with them.

Between now and January 8th, 10 supporters and their guests will be selected to join the Inaugural activities. If you make a donation -- in any amount -- to make the Inauguration a success, you and a guest could be flown to Washington, D.C., put up in a hotel, and be there as Barack is sworn in as the 44th President.

Make a donation of $5 or more right now. You and a guest could receive your ticket to history.

Unlike past inaugurations, this year's event will not be paid for by Washington lobbyists or corporations.

This campaign was funded by 4 million ordinary people giving only what they could afford, and Barack and Joe are counting on you again. Help start this administration off right -- independent of the special interest donors who have shaped Washington for too long.

This Inauguration will be open to as many Americans as possible. We'll all come together to celebrate the hope and optimism that define this movement for change. But you could be one of 10 selected to join us in Washington for all Inaugural events. Any donation you make between now and January 8th counts -- whatever you can afford. Show your support for a different kind of politics and a different kind of inauguration with a donation of $5 or more today: https://donate.pic2009.org/tickettohistory

The Inauguration will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. I hope you can join us.

Thank you,


David Plouffe, Campaign Manager

Obama for America

P.S. -- If you cannot make a donation, you and a guest could still be selected to receive your ticket to history. Learn more here.

Paid for by Obama for America [Donation Button] (unquote)


Oh dear, I almost forgot -- Obama and his ilk are now in charge of the law. But don't they know that the Installation tickets are FREE?! We don't need to keep on making excuses for Barack Obama. Ignorance of the law is not a defense -- especially, when it is a lawyer who breaks the law while trying to become President of our nation.

We have met the enemy and he is claiming to be one of us -- (i.e., American and law abiding). Stay tuned.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NObama?! Join us.



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama's Hidden Donation List vs.
The Clintons' Revealed List

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Barack Obama recently made a public demand of former President Bill Clinton to release his donor list to his (Obama's) transition team before he would consider nominating Senator Hillary Clinton (his wife), for the position of Secretary of State in the 2009 Obama administration. But where is that notorious Obama donor list?! That's the one we really need to closely scrutinize.

After all, Obama has reportedly amassed the largest election campaign contribution coffers than anyone else in American history. And, it seems to me that he is the one who needs to finally present all of those official financial documents en mass for scrutiny by an independent auditor and for publication and examination by the American people.

Who wouldn't agree that we need to know where all of Obama's money came from and how much he received from each donor? After all, Obama is the one that so many Americans have hoisted into the Office of (the first black) President -- from a reportedly pauper status (to let Obama tell it) to the status of multi-millionaire capable of buying all the best that life has to offer even in the face of failing American and worldwide economies. And, while Americans sleep, America is stolen away in broad daylight as so-called conservative preachers and teachers and elected leaders loudly proclaim, "Congratulate President-elect Obama for bringing all of us together." Uh hum?

Does anybody among us of the common folk understand? Have we gone so far from democracy and the United States constitution and become so confused that we dare not to even question whether or not foreign leaders may have helped unsuspecting Americans to put Obama in that all-important office as much, if not more, than the fact that Obama needs to know and dares to demand to know where the Clintons' money came from even though former President Bill Clinton has been out of office for years?

Why didn't the Clintons object to such a request and stick to it? What, if anything, may have made it more worthwhile for them to not have objected to that heretofore never raised political demand? In the end, will the Clintons still believe it was worth it to have capitulated? Senator Hillary Clinton still has to seek Congressional approval of her nomination to the 2009 cabinet. Worse yet, if her nomination is approved (as expected) and Obama should decide to "fire" her at some point, then she will be out of his cabinet, the Senate, and the government. And her husband's formerly private financial records will forever remain open to scrutiny and comments and picked over until, perhaps, somebody might even try hard to find cause for bringing some sort of legal action against him (although I hope it never comes to that).

Whose Side is the United States Congress On, Anyway?!

In the interest of the general welfare and defense of our nation and before it is too late, the United States Congressional leaders need to call for Barack Obama to give up his donor list. Those Obama campaign donation buttons were found affixed to his campaign websites, email solicitations, internet advertisements, personal websites, and various social network sites (all foreign and domestic). The news media reported in awe-struck, excited tones about all that M-O-N-E-Y that found its way into Obama's hands. Where did it go? How can we know unless there is a united demand for Obama's financial records to be presented to the public?

Did the Federal Election Commission let America down? How can we tell beyond mere supposition from all of those events surrounding the Obama campaign (e.g., Online websites set up in Africa with donation buttons and comments from readers who promised to contribute to their "African brother" Obama's quest for President of the United States?)

This commentary may not receive more than a quick glance now, but let me tell you, in the very near future when it finally dawns on somebody else to publicly and nationally raise these very same issues, don't be surprised or act as if you hadn't been told. The blight of the American plight is that they have to "see" something before they will believe it rather than to take note and take action to prevent any projected harmful actions before they come to fruition. It's called being proactive rather than reactive, as Americans have been for decades. Isn't it time to cut that out??!!!

Here's a hint from me to you. Everybody who is proactive is not sick in the head. Its called being a visionary. As I have come to understand it, "If you can foresee problems, then why can't you forestall them?" (Quoted: Rev. Lainie Dowell)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Barack Obama And the Hyphenated-Americans

Are Killing the American Constitution!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans, in general, have grown to become apathetic and cynical about what it means to be an American of faith and to have belief in God. And, either they have resolved themselves to the fact that our democratic republic has gone wrong and flipped or else they have just plain given over the entire nation to so-called hyphenated Americans who have crept into the fabric of the United States of America and rewoven the foundational structure. Could we be so blind that we cannot see?

Enter Barack Hussein Obama and America's Near Total Demise

Obama is the man who said he would bring transparency into the American government. He said he would unite the nation. He said he would not have a Washingtonian administration. His politics wouldn't even be political. But, instead, none of that is true.

He is found to be anything but transparent or apolitical. He is every bit the politician that his friend and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., said. But Rev. Wright was ignored, laughed at, and called crazy by news pundits and politicians and the American people, when he told us that Obama "is, after all, a politician." And, so, Obama is all set to now come riding into the topmost office in America, the Office of the President of the United States, on the backs of hyphenated Americans, of which he is chieftest of all bearing multiples of hyphenations in front of American.

When Barack Obama stood and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and read to a national audience from his prepared text which held the audience spellbound, the most that people seem to remember from that occasion is when he read, "There is only the United States of America!"

After all is said and done, there is definitely no hyphenated America, to let him tell it. But he lied and that began a string of lies that continues to paralyze this already stunned nation of American citizens who had bought into the fervor of a nation gone wrong. For, if Obama really believed in "One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all," then he would have understood that the citizenship question he has consistently refused to answer is of uppermost importance to the American people, especially when it comes to considering and selecting a leader "of the people, by the people, and for the people" from among the constitutionally mandated natural-born citizens alone.

Nevertheless, Obama has been aided and abetted by so many hyphenated Americans who, until this time, have remained hidden in the shadows. But very many of them are now presently interspersed all throughout our local, state, and national governmental agencies and various other places of decision-making, legislative bodies. And, they have finally fashioned out for themselves an American nation that is no longer recognizable. American sovereignty and nationhood have no real meaning for them, many of whom still remain loyal to wherever in the hell they came from dragging along with them suitcases packed full of their late country's traditions, characters, and laws. (No apologies. I am mad at Hell and readers ought to know it.) And wherever they unpack their bags in America, they have no regard for her laws. Instead, they demonstrate disdain, disregard, and disrespect for American values, traditions, morals, and mores. And, what's more, many have deliberately set out to work hard to overthrow our constitutional government in order to introduce their own former culture as a staple for them in America. (If that is not for or about you and yours, then stiffen your backbone and move on.) Spilling INK!!!

Newcomers understand when they arrive here that real freedom starts with their right to vote. But in order to have that right, they have to first obtain their citizenship. However, many have been erroneously led to believe that they don't have to go through the trouble of the long process before they gain recognition of being citizens. So, whether they have obtained citizenship or not, if nothing else, they understand that in order for them to remake America to include their own former lifestyles, they must position themselves in politics to be able to take the vote away from the American people.

Americans have long known what it means to live free and to die free; and, at the same time, how to allow others to come and have their freedom to be whatever they want to be -- except, for them to not be able to steal our freedoms and replace them here in America with their own crippling censorship and restrictions they sought to escape from during their past life in another land before they chose to make for themselves a new life here in America.

Regretably, even as our governmental agencies and officials are aiding newcomers who come to these shores from all parts of the globe, at the same time, our government is fostering the death of the American Constitution right before our eyes. The American people have shut their mouths, closed their eyes, stopped up their ears, and ridiculed the very ones who have long since sounded warning bells of these things to come. And, now America is face to face with all of these devastating consequences. And unhyphenated Americans do not like what we are seeing and hearing!

Where did America Go Wrong?
Did America Go Wrong?

America took in the tired and poor and welcomed them to these shores and now can no longer take in any more. Assimilation is no longer a word that is used in the American vocabulary. As well, the word, citizenship, has been redefined by noncitizens who have even refused to recognize their own illegal status of living inside of American borders. Nationalities have become blurred whereby many of the children of refugees from war-torn countries who sought shelter within the safety of free places such as, for example, America, Great Britain, France, and Canada, have ignorantly turned their backs and raised their fists and committed to destroying those nations from within.

That is not the American way! First of all, where is their gratitude? Where is their common courtesy? Where is their respect? Where is their desire for citizenship and adoption of America? America does not need stepchildren. When she adopts orphans, whether they are nation-made or self-made, she embraces the whole lost child who knocks on these shores and they become welcomed into the American family and are encouraged to live free.

Our centuries old nation did not evolve without her citizens being willing to protect and nurture her growth. Our brave men and women have not continued to fight in wars, skirmishes, and battles on far away lands not their own to be maimed or killed and buried just so the people whose lives they fought to save could come into America and take over their sons and daughters and grandchildren inheritance and replace it with their own birthplace oddities and cultures.

Whenever hyphenated Americans are encouraged to come here and remain isolated into their own man-made ghettos surrounded by only their culture, the results become a wasteland -- unbearable to either look at or to enter. Whereas, Americans have worked hard to enact laws to clean up their neighborhoods, many locations are now being overtaken by unhealthy and ungodly man-made slums with resultant gangs, murders, poverty, illiteracy, drugs, starvation, atheism, corruption, graft, and all manner of evil, which is winked at by their own newly elected officials who allow that chaos and confusion to flourish so that they can illegitimately control their own little fiefdoms. And our nation's leadership from the Capitol to the White House continue to look the other way as we watch our borders become degraded and overrun with illegals from all nations.

What Is to Be America's Solution?!

First and foremost, if America is to remain sovereign as a nation and seen as the solution for down-trodden souls, then she must once again demand and insist upon the return to Judeo-Christian faith as the basis for our foundation without excuse, apology, or compromise. As a nation, she must recognize that there is a right and a wrong and enforce it. And she must return to her demand for all who come to make America their new homeland to make a choice regardless of how hard it may be for them. But they must be called to choose which nation they will pledge their loyalties to.

Either newcomers to America who want to have rights will choose to denounce their former homeland or else choose to not become a citizen of the United States with all rights within this country. We have lived through enough confusion as it is. But the question of citizenship is one thing that must be made crystal clear to all.

There is a choice and those who come here must make it of their own freewill. And, if they view that choice to be restrictive or censorship or dictatorial, then they are free to choose to return to where they came from. Perhaps they will get to see and know there is a definite difference in lifestyles.

Americans are tired of being slighted in our own nation by our leaders and by foreigners who work in public places and look down their noses at us, if we dare to ask them to speak English when transacting business with us. Our children are penalized in schoolhouses when much-needed attention to their lessons is taken up by teachers trying to adhere to school board rules to have multi-language and multi-cultural lessons in which teachers are to purposely help our American children to forget all about their own language, culture, and self-worth for a new, global one-world style of living.

America's enigmatic problems will not be resolved until and unless all who live here or else come to these shores who intend to make America their new homeland can stand and honestly and openly declare that "I Am American period." And having so declared, all who listen and hear will know and understand without question, doubt, or fear, exactly what that means to us, to them, and to the entire world.

God bless America! May she forever remain Godly and her people remain free.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Has Blago Absolved Obama or Blamed Him?

Gov. Rod Blagojevich and President-elect Barack Obama

Rev. Lainie Dowell

These men are just two of the many DNC men and women and other partisan and Republican bees buzzing together in a small, glass hive and that's for sure. So, who can't help but believe that Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) does have something of value to offer up to the prosecuting bee collector in order to save both his and his wife's necks from a long jail stint? But, as some wags have been heard to say, "He (Blago) will have to start singing like a bird." And, don't you think he won't!

Does anybody recall that little diddy that Rod Blagojevich spewed out onto an audience where he spoke during his 2006 Chicago run for the office of Governor of Illinois? Have you seen the video of that political speech or heard him give it in person?

What do those Chi-knights take us for? I guess Blago thought invoking his mother's name and late father's image would get him votes. And I guess he was right about it, because he ended up remaining in the Governor's seat.

Listening to Blago brag recently out of context of his recent arrest for criminal activity (to put it mildly) while serving as a governor, what discerning persons would be misled to think Blago told his mother that he would not take bribes and that he wouldn't do anything to dishonor his father's memory (or some such mish mash)? For one thing, why would they have ever had such a conversation unless, if it happened as Blago said, his own mother had seen those unsavory characteristics in him and tried to warn him about his character (or lack thereof)?

Nevertheless, I do not believe anything that comes from out of either Blago's or Obama's mouths. They have elevated lying into an artform. Step right up anybody. Line forms on the right. Higher learning Credits available. Lying 101 now in session. You have to "Pay to Play." Just don't get caught. Oh, we haven't been able to develop that "don't get caught" course as of this century. Just ask Fitzgerald and his colleagues. I'm almost certain they won't hesitate to tell you no such lessons about escaping justice exist on their watch.

Barack Obama has the same character flaw problems as Blago. They can't seem to tell the truth even when there is no reason for them not to. They just make up stuff and that makes it so much easier for them to re-make it once they get caught up in a lie or two.

Even considering how all the DEMS' public relations, politicians, and the mainstream media had pushed Obama into those various important public service government offices which he has held for years by their failure to hold him to a higher standard in keeping with the responsibilities he had sought and acquired, they still don't get it! But, I am not as convinced as Obama and the DEMS that neither the Chicago State Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald nor any other federal government agencies intend to let either him (Obama) or any other officials off the hook who may have been either caught up in those ongoing wire taps (no pun intended) or have known anything about those negotiations for the sale of the (President-elect) United States Senate seat by Chicago Blago.

However it might appear to the mainstream media, reporters, pundits, and supporters (including their family members), this case is not yet closed.

A close read of the recent, original criminal complaint obtained for the arrest of both Blago and his now resigned chief of staff, John Harris, does not seem to spell the end of Patrick Fitzgerald's ongoing pursuit of Chi-justice. And, yet, I keep hearing some pundits and spokespersons for Obama and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., too, telling the public that they have been assured those men are not (presently) targets of the investigation.

Notwithstanding all of that, I keep hearing in my ear, Perhaps they're not considered to be targets now, but do we have any idea about what'll happen when the other shoe drops?

I keep remembering that portion of the official criminal complaint that speaks about other persons and evidence not included in that particular original affidavit. That lets me know more information was collected which is not yet publicly disclosed. After all, this investigation has reportedly been ongoing since approximately 2002 and, certainly since recent months, that signals a whole lot of wire taps and incriminating conversations along the way.


As of now, the only ones who know for certain are the criminal investigators working this case. But, do those recorded statements attributed to Blago that Obama didn't want to give him (Blago) anything for the soon-to-be vacant Senate seat except "his (President-elect) appreciation," really absolve Obama from implication in that ongoing Chicago political machine fraud and corruption?

As I read the criminal complaint, Blago had spoken those particular words during an intercepted phone discussion about the President-elect's potentially vacant Senate seat and was conjecturing about how such a deal could benefit him (Blago) financially and in other ways. And, it appears that particular conversation took place immediately before the November 4, 2008 election was held. How does that absolve Obama? Does that absolve Obama who is already perched on the edge of the Capitol steps waiting for Inauguration Day 2009, while many Americans are waiting with baited breath looking towards Chicago and Springfield, Illinois for resolution? Is it too late?

Too many pundits and politicians seem to believe that Obama is in the clear from Fitzgerald's dragnet. However, what they have failed to report, also, is that it was both now President-elect Obama and his now current chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who had helped to get Former Governor George Ryan (R-IL) out of his office and into an Illinois jail cell. And it was those same two men who worked together with others to help elect Blagojevich to that Governorship position. After which, Rahm took over Blago's seat that he had given up as a Chicago legislator. And, then, they all continued to work their magical techniques together playing musical chairs to help push Obama into political positions towards becoming their new shining star for the Democratic National Convention and the presumptive presidential nominee -- and now President-elect.

"Oh what tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive."

We have to wonder how such a political novice as Obama could have gained so much power over mature politicians in a well-known Chicago crime machine environment.

I believe all of the aforementioned have a whole lot to answer for and that it will occur sooner rather than later. I also believe this entirely corrupt situation could have been rectified and have been over by now, but for the many professionally trained national journalists who appear to be afraid of losing their paychecks, if they had conducted real investigative journalism into the matter and reported it.

The American people want both the facts and the truth to enable them to make an informed decision about what is going on in this nation and in the world. Reporters do not have to sugarcoat it, spoonfeed it, or censor it. After all, they don't censor their pornographic news reports they dispense. They do not strain and sift through their "if it bleeds it leads" mentality. And, as Jack Webb, the TV character in days long since gone famously used to say on Dragnet -- "Just the facts, ma'am."

Stay tuned. There is definitely more to come. God neither slumbers nor sleeps and He will cause all of this top-level and low-level governmental corruption to be broken wide open not just in Chicago but all across this nation for all to see, know, and understand how real He is and how puny evil mankind is without Him at the helm. Discern.


Friday, December 12, 2008

What If America Gave An Inauguration 2009 -


By Rev. Lainie Dowell

And suppose the Obamas won't have a chance to unload their moving van? Or,

Suppose they do? Will Americans have to look forward to a continuation of the Nixonian Watergate era, which eventually led to the first-time ever Retirement of a sitting President in the midst of his term in office? Or,

Will Americans have to look forward to a continuation of the Clintonian (finger pointing) era which led to the Impeachment of a sitting President in office who refused to leave the premises and stayed until the end of his term? Or,

Will Americans have to look forward to more undercover investigative reporting and listen to the reporters being called everything but truthful by the new administration? Or,

Will Americans have to duck and dodge, bob and weave, and meet secretly to get around a prospective censorship mandate from within an administration which promised transparency? Or,

Suppose the news about the FBI arresting Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) earlier this week leads him to start giving up names, places, dates, and purposes of situations linked to his being taken into custody along with his chief of staff for allegedly conspiring with others to sell Barack Obama's now vacant United States Senator Seat? Or,

During the 2004 state senate campaign, when Obama (D-IL) was a political novice and not considered to even be in the running, how do you suppose the court-ordered, sealed divorce decree of opponent Jack Ryan (R-IL) and his wife, Jerri, found its way into the very public campaign and created such a stir that (Jack) Ryan was forced to give up his already million dollar campaigning? If the court did not originally intend the release of those documents for their protection, then who else had that kind of power and authority to even get a judge to unseal them and expose them to the public during an election? A 2004 newspaper article said it was done "in response to a suit brought by the Chicago Tribune and a Chicago TV station." (source: news article by Stephen Kinzer with contributions by Jo Napolitano, New York Times, June 26, 2004)

BTW, Barack Obama won that election, too, by an unprecedented landslide. Funny how the same politicians and others who were his democratic friends then are very much still around him now, but in Chicago and Washington, D.C. (It seems his old friends don't just fade away, they just play musical chairs and get thrown under the proverbial bus for a season).

Spilling Ink Now! ~

I suppose people are looking on and thinking either to themselves or out loud that this Preacher must have lost her religion talking about Barack Obama, a black man, like she do. (sic) But, Lord knows how hard I pray, how much I've been through, how much I've seen, how much I do, that I'm not going to back up from standing up when I see a mess up.

Trying to hold my peace! But when I see the folk gone hog wild about the likes of a man who could have been or might have been worthy of leading this great nation but chose, instead, to lead this people into degradation -- and the people go willingly along all skipping and wrong. Can't take it. The man said, "Yes we can." And the people say, "Yes and Amen." That's wrong! And, if I had the national ear of the whole world, I sure wouldn't forget who I am in it -- not if I wanted to keep on living. I thank God for his education but sometimes we just have to speak the language of the natives.

But my spiritual and familial roots (genealogical not vegetable) inform me that, in Jesus, "You just can't make me doubt Him (the Lord), because I know too much about Him." And, I continue to thank God that He knows all about me, even if the whole world doesn't. Here's my hand, because God is the only one who can. And I'm going on with the Lord. Come join me. You'll be glad you did.

ObamaShame in America -- stay tuned. This story is still unfolding and there'll be continuing updates ahead.


Voice Ink Political News Commentary

Read Obama's Christmas Bailout Gift to America.
Written By Rev. Lainie Dowell.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If Selling Obama's U.S. Senate Seat Were All!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

photo: Blagojevich, Obama, Daley

On Tuesday, December 9, 2008, by mid morning many Americans awoke to the stunning breaking news that Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) and John Harris (D), his chief of staff, had been arrested earlier in the day by the feds, handcuffed, and booked on the basis of a 76-page criminal complaint the feds had presented to obtain a court order the day before to take them into custody.

God bless U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who has pursued this relentlessly. When asked by a reporter about his opinion of what Blagojevich should do, Fitzgerald -- with his strong jawbone set -- said, "Yes, I have an opinion as a citizen but when I stand here I speak for the Seal, and the Seal has no opinion." And he said to the waiting reporters, "Next?"

Oh my!! We actually have a real patriot who, once again, is committed to doing his job to pursue justice no matter where she leads him or whose door he has to direct the feds to knock on regardless of the neighborhood or the time because, as bad as selling an elected official's seat may be -- buying and selling any elected official occupying that seat is far worse.

I mean -- we should all be down on our knees thanking God for breaking open this heretofore tough nut to crack, long known as the proverbial Chicago political machine. But we know that, regretably, we can place the name of any of the American cities or states in front of that term. That ungodly blight on America's shores has been around for decades and laughingly joked about by those on the outside and arrogantly denied by many of the same on the inside who have mounted the Capital Steps for decades to raise their hand to take the oath of office even as they try to hide their long-revealed, evil and intense hatred for America and the American way of life.

From our Congressional leaders to the mainstreet media and from the proverbial Main Street to the world reknown Wall Street, we all witnessed in realtime the press conference Fitzpatrick held to inform Americans and the world about it, if they cared to listen in. The feds did America proud, as they revealed the ongoing investigations which, today, yielded an extensive criminal complaint outlining their legal reasons for having taken such drastic actions against that well-known wheeling and dealing personality who believed his office gave him leave to abuse his authority.

Therein was his mistake. And let's hope that others in office, elected or appointed, from all over this nation will see and tremble and fear, because back in the day, Blagojevich and many of his democrat supporters, including Barack Obama and his current top man, Rahm Emanuel, had both along with others helped to oust former Gov. Ryan (R-IL), by their same kinds of outspoken accusations against him, which are now against Blago. (sic) And, newspaper reports from that time support the fact that they didn't just stop with former Gov. Ryan and they have not stopped to this day poisoning the rivers of a just and legal electoral process. God knows.

And, Congress needs to pass a law that anybody who covers up any aspect of a known criminal activity and who deliberately uses any office for personal gains is subject to jail, also. Because, collusion and corruption does not grow in a vacuum. Whereas they plead they were not involved in the outcome, where did they stand from the outset? Crooked officials cannot flourish and get Napolianic complexes unless they are continuing to be encouraged by those who can stop them.

But, then, of course, any such laws would mean America could possibly be left without any elected representation in Congress. Have things gotten so bad that Americans can now accept nominees' who come in protesting that they are not perfect when they vie for leadership offices in this nation? Well, I say, if they are not perfect, then they should be turned back until they aspire to be, before stepping up to the polls.

The Proverbial Dragnet Is Out and About!

It is House-cleaning time! This is not just a state issue, but it is a national blight, because it is everywhere, and Americans who love this country know it. And, this time, let our government mean it when they say they are going to round it all up and route it wherever it is. And let the corrupt perpetrators know their time is coming around, too!! No more free rides to harm Americans and our right to pursue life, liberty, and God.

The biggest dragnet is trolling and the biggest ever fish is going to be caught up in the networks hovering deep under the seas of unrest rolling all across America. Even those giddy souls who were ecstatic about the seemingly overwhelming win of Barack Obama merely because he is a black man need to take note that color is no bar to being corrupt whatever the position and it never has been. And, regardless of how much they might protest that for anybody to voice opposition to Obama is a racist (even black people, too), then they ought to take a look at their own motives.

Black people who also have become the "huddled masses on these teeming shores yearning to breathe free."

In America, whether slave or free, people have welcomed Obama as their savior who will free all of them from the grips of capitalism and their white overseers, came out in droves and hooped and cried at the very thought! And, at that point, even the whites who had joined them, supported their cause, and pushed the numbers to get Obama elected for history's sake, were no longer useful to the cause.

I wonder if they realize that yet. For, to let the black folk who supported Obama tell it, racism is not dead. They are not free. They are not satisfied. They are not through. They won't get through until they have America as a black State or Continent in the mode of Africa. And we know what kind of state they are in, mainly caused by unscrupulous, corrupt, socialist, sociopathic leaders who gained office to fill their own coffers and foment terror among the inhabitants to keep them at one another's throats so they won't come after them.

Religious leaders and, even, Oprah Winfrey fell for this ploy and she is reportedly one of the richest women in the whole world (beyond color) . She was known to have been widely respected as a person who knew right from wrong (some times). But on November 4, 2008, when Obama was crowned king of kings and savior and lord of the black folk all over the whole world, Oprah got down with the folk and wept like she had just lost her dear petfriend, Sophie, all over again. After all, he had Oprah's seal of approval and, through her, access to many rich people waiting to please her.

Tears of joy?! Tears of sorrow?! Tears of trials and tribulations?! Whatever!! All of those tears any of those people shed will mingle together and they will not ever compare to the tears that are yet to flow under an untested, untried, and unvetted Obama-Biden administration. And, guess what? Obama's hands will be nowhere near the hammer when it comes down and strikes its damnable blows across the necks of Americans who never realized how good they had it in the years before they accepted his leadership without first determining what it would mean for them to have him in the people's house.

Guess what? If you think that I am angry, you are right! And if you think that I am wrong to be feeling this way, then my heart knows that your heart simply cannot see what I and many others see that is headed your way. I don't know about you, but I was born in America and I know what it means to struggle in the face of adversity. Say on ---

It is not right that babies and children of all ages are being abused and murdered with impunity.

It does not make sense that homosexuals should be allowed to equate ungodly perversion to Judeo-Christian faith or to any other clean living.

It does not make sense that any state in this union would allow people to lose their homes to foreclosure and, unbeknownst to homeowners, allow squatters to take over their land and live free of rent or mortgage instead of letting the homeowners remain in their homes.

It does not make sense that crooked people are excused and innocent people are accused and carted off to prison without hope of ever getting out.

It does not make sense that, despite all of the filthy disclosures surrounding Barack Obama that our government still refuses to investigate his connection to his many friends who are either now in jail or headed for jail, including Blagojevich, and, yet, to give Obama and his wife excuses after excuses and the keys to the White House under all of these clouds -- and expect the American people to shut up and like it or face severe censorship or worse while their plans continue in open to change our Constitutional form of government in America.

When the people have exchanged the truth for a lie, they will die in their ignorance by the hands of the liars they had entrusted to take out the truth tellers.

Oh the pitiful lot of all who walk blindly into the graves already dug and waiting in the name of corruption and evil. But, because they are hidden from view, they can easily sneak up on the unsuspecting and shove them in as they stand pondering about what those holes are for. And, when they are shoved into the open graves and watch as the dirt is turned to cover their faces, let this thought come into their empty heads and replenish their lost minds to know that they had been warned but that they had refused to heed the warnings.

Instead, they have fallen for the cunning trickery of Barack Obama to change his outer clothing to get your attention, but his inner laundry is as filty as anything Americans have ever seen before and never hope to see again on these once holy shores.

Do not speak of Obama in that way, you say? Well he spoke of our sitting President George W. Bush far worse than that even when Obama knew he was less than that and will remain so. No Obama will not change. His way is set. His feet are on a path where you were never intended to step upon.

And, does it get worse? Only if Americans refuse to listen and hear and continue to go against the Living Lord and following after the smooth but empty words of men and women who follow a man whose head is as empty as his words. And that man is Barack Obama.

O.K. Judeo-Christians. You already know the rest of the story. We are victorious. We have freedom. We have God's truth. And, they who are evil and want to take America down the road to Hell need to know, without apology or compromise that we are all standing up with one voice to scream the Hell out of America.

Now, lift up your voice America and now say, America is Judeo-Christian and our God will not have us ignorantly going along with mankind's destructive ways and doctrines. For we have come to this place for such a time as this! For such a TIME as this! We shall not be silenced and we shall not be moved. But Hell shall. And anybody who doesn't agree can talk to God about it. He'll tell you.

May God continue to bless America.


Monday, December 8, 2008

About Clergywomen Iron Pen Writings

The name, Iron Pen, comes from the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 17, King James Bible translation.

I created a new petition and placed it online to offer an opportunity for like-minded people to connect and express a collective voice of dissent to the Obama-biden administration and the nation. We have already seen much of what we have all gleaned from diligent research come to fruition. For example, Obama's illegal coalition government is creating his participatory form opposed to the constitutional representative form which calls for an elected Congress.

By now I suppose the United States Supreme Court ruling has gotten around that they have rejected one more appeal concerning Obama's status and the Constitution. We are at a crossroads as a nation, and that goes without saying. But, we must not give in and give up speaking out against inequities and whatever we believe to be ungodly and unjust. The day we do will find our offspring living in an entirely different country than we were reared.

Obama's plans are blatantly against the United States Constitution and, as such, they are dangerous. But who is there in leadership who will stop and block Obama's New Left Socialist-Communist plans from changing all of our lives, if our legislators and judiciary won't? And they won't. But, now, Obama is headed for the leadership of our Executive Branch (the Office of the President).

If any one believes this effort is in vain and will be of no affect, then at least any of us who is trying will be able to say that we tried and, moreover, we will have some evidence to show for it, when the time comes which I know and believe that it will come. And Obama and his Chicago crowd will come up short, including all of the Clinton Administration people who got away the first go round but Obama brought them back around and for what? We shall see.


Make Your Voice Count in 2009!

Together, we can make the definite difference in how our nation's laws are legislated and adhered to even by our nation's leaders.

In 2009, plan to be proactive rather than reactive. Wherever you believe corruption and crooked politicians will try to hide, get your facts straight and, then, write letters of complaints to them, send copies to newspapers and to other appropriate officials and tell your relatives, neighbors, and friends to be on the lookout for the same.

Remember -- We listen and we care. And, we will continue to encourage your efforts to seek the ongoing accountability of every governmental agency and official within your view. Thank you.


The Petition Debut is Monday, December 8, 2008.

And make sure you upload the petition button to your own server and link it back here for updates to:


Questions? Contact me.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Solution to American ObamaShame

No Confidence Votes Count2
Petition Is Launched by Rev. Lainie Dowell, Voice Ink News Commentary.

If you can't get a peaceful night's sleep at the thought of a Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration taking what has been called, "A 3 a.m. phone call" at the White House, then this Judeo-Christian political activist site offers a viable solution for you, with a special invitation to join. It's open to all and it is free.

Your individual voice does matter, because the Constitutional rights of all Americans are retained when their voices are unleashed together in opposition to whatever threatens to destroy all that is good, decent, and Godly in our democratic Republic called The United States of America.

Although concerned citizens have risen up to oppose this nation's leadership leading inhabitants into the ever-increasingly downhill slide into the pits of Hell, we keep hearing journalists and pundits say that nobody is speaking out to complain. However, many are continuing to act to combat evil. Even now, we are, thankfully, being inundated with bold calls from us for a return to God and we still remain ignored and denigrated.

The purpose of this message is to encourage all those with like minds to make the incoming New Year, 2009, the stop gap. Instead of being reactive, we will vow to become proactive together.

The incoming Obama-Biden administration has already demonstrated their intent is to bring in mounds of problems for America before they have even been installed into the Office of President and Vice President. They and many of their supporters have continued to disregard and disrespect the Constitution and the American traditions, values, mores, and God. Moreover, while our military are fighting on foreign shores and at home to protect our rights, their own families and ours are being systematically stripped of rights.

We must become proactive, because we have seen evidence that Barack Obama and his friendships clearly act as if they can place themselves above the laws of this land and change or ignore them at will, which they do so often with impunity. Who is left to protect and preserve and defend the Constitution, if not the President? But, can we trust him to do that? We cannot!

No American citizen should ever fear their safety in their own home or neighborhoods or to dare speak out, even peacefully, to oppose any elected or appointed officials, without being arbitrarily and capriciously carted off to prison in reprisal. And, if none of this applies to you, the readers, then take it from me, it is not pretty. No one will step forward on your behalf for the sake of truth and justice out of fear for their own well being. As it is, we cannot even come to the aid of a relative or friend stopped by police for a ticket without being threatened with arrest.

Police powers in America have become so frightening (and they know it) that all they have to do is place the empty police car on the side of a busy street and people shiver and shake when they drive up and get a glimpse of it there. A policeman's badge carries a whole lot of weight, even if it is in the hands of an imposter. Now Obama wants to add to it, our own military power on our streets at his beck and call to wage war against even us in the same way Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, Vladimir Putin and his puppet, and others have done, which is to say, gradually and then as an all-out assault.

In America, we have seen egregious police power in action on our streets on orders of our own government during times in which they have stepped in to enforce the following:

  • removing the Godly Ten Commandments monument from Judge Roy Moore's Courthouse lobby in Alabama and then even forcing him off the bench for placing that monument in the foyer, where Lady Justice resides.

  • severing the crucial feeding tube from the semi-comatose, now late Terry Schiavo even while she was in the hospital where doctors had vowed "To first do no harm."

  • arresting people of good will standing and praying on pavements outside of abortion clinics to compel the mother and father, too, to let the little one come forth and live.

  • protecting perversion of all kinds being performed on public streets even in broad daylight when the police are empowered to uphold the peace and good order of societal values.

  • escorting the helpless elderly to cut short their lives of deep despair with the help of doctor-assisted suicide.

  • watching over the atheist and his poster which he had placed next to a Christmas display denigrating Christmas and Christians.

Notice how our leadership and even some who profess to be Christian don't hesitate to label God-fearing people as being paranoid, crazy, satanic, evil, fools, liars, haters, homophobic, and whatever else they wish to laughingly call us? They do it to intimidate and silence us to enable them to continue to drag down each generation with them. These actions must be stopped and we are not confident that this new administration will help in the coming new year or beyond.

What is the conclusion of all of these ongoing atrocities we have witnessed?
I may not know but I do know that God knows, and He is the solution.

Please prayerfully enter here to read and sign on to this brand new online petition and voice your No Confidence Vote Against the 2009 Obama-Biden administration. Thanks.