Thursday, March 25, 2010


Graphic created by Rev. Lainie Dowell (c) 2009.

Americans are not used to wallowing in the mud but it appears the present administration run by Barack Hussein Obama and his Chi-thugs want to have us do just that. They seem not to understand we are above stooping to lows unworthy of the name, "American." But, what else can be expected from a corrupt body of politicians that found their way into the Democratic Party under the guise of being American and being concerned about making this nation even greater?

The very fact I have resorted to using the words "Thugs" and "present administration" of the United States of America should say volumes about where we are in this nation. The man in the White House is oblivious to the fact that citizens really do know the difference between what is true and what are lies. Citizens more than understand the difference between good and evil. Citizens are not ashamed to invoke the name of Jesus and state they live in a Judeo-Christian nation.

Despite the attempted takeover of our Constitutional democratic representative Republic and create in its place a Socialist parliamentarian coalition form of government, Americans have risen and, with one voice of those who are patriots, have declared and decreed that it will never be allowed to happen. No man, especially Barack Obama, is above the law, as has been demonstrated many times over in the course of our history. The United States Constitution will trump man's quest for dictatorial rule over America every time it rears its ugly head.

Obama is peeling back like an onion. He is acting irrational, as he publicly lambasts elected leaders, disregard the need to vet appointees, and circumvent the Constitutional rule of law. Consequently, we are so glad to see that Republican elected leaders in government are being joined by citizens and American leadership in the corporate structure to stand up and speak out against Obama's unAmerican behavior for anyone who is elected to serve in the top-most position to represent the nation in the eyes of the world . The voices of the people will get louder for Obama to be ousted long before November 2012. If not, America will be totally ruined as a nation -- and it will have been done by deliberate efforts at the direction of Obama.

What can people do to help? I recommend that citizens begin to investigate for themselves to know what is true and what is not in this political climate. Meanwhile, we who have demonstrated many times over that we know Obama's true agenda are going to continue working for Obama to be ousted -- his color notwithstanding. What's more, Race never should have been a factor in the first place, but he made it the case and continues to do so.

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