Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Solution to American ObamaShame

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Petition Is Launched by Rev. Lainie Dowell, Voice Ink News Commentary.

If you can't get a peaceful night's sleep at the thought of a Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration taking what has been called, "A 3 a.m. phone call" at the White House, then this Judeo-Christian political activist site offers a viable solution for you, with a special invitation to join. It's open to all and it is free.

Your individual voice does matter, because the Constitutional rights of all Americans are retained when their voices are unleashed together in opposition to whatever threatens to destroy all that is good, decent, and Godly in our democratic Republic called The United States of America.

Although concerned citizens have risen up to oppose this nation's leadership leading inhabitants into the ever-increasingly downhill slide into the pits of Hell, we keep hearing journalists and pundits say that nobody is speaking out to complain. However, many are continuing to act to combat evil. Even now, we are, thankfully, being inundated with bold calls from us for a return to God and we still remain ignored and denigrated.

The purpose of this message is to encourage all those with like minds to make the incoming New Year, 2009, the stop gap. Instead of being reactive, we will vow to become proactive together.

The incoming Obama-Biden administration has already demonstrated their intent is to bring in mounds of problems for America before they have even been installed into the Office of President and Vice President. They and many of their supporters have continued to disregard and disrespect the Constitution and the American traditions, values, mores, and God. Moreover, while our military are fighting on foreign shores and at home to protect our rights, their own families and ours are being systematically stripped of rights.

We must become proactive, because we have seen evidence that Barack Obama and his friendships clearly act as if they can place themselves above the laws of this land and change or ignore them at will, which they do so often with impunity. Who is left to protect and preserve and defend the Constitution, if not the President? But, can we trust him to do that? We cannot!

No American citizen should ever fear their safety in their own home or neighborhoods or to dare speak out, even peacefully, to oppose any elected or appointed officials, without being arbitrarily and capriciously carted off to prison in reprisal. And, if none of this applies to you, the readers, then take it from me, it is not pretty. No one will step forward on your behalf for the sake of truth and justice out of fear for their own well being. As it is, we cannot even come to the aid of a relative or friend stopped by police for a ticket without being threatened with arrest.

Police powers in America have become so frightening (and they know it) that all they have to do is place the empty police car on the side of a busy street and people shiver and shake when they drive up and get a glimpse of it there. A policeman's badge carries a whole lot of weight, even if it is in the hands of an imposter. Now Obama wants to add to it, our own military power on our streets at his beck and call to wage war against even us in the same way Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, Vladimir Putin and his puppet, and others have done, which is to say, gradually and then as an all-out assault.

In America, we have seen egregious police power in action on our streets on orders of our own government during times in which they have stepped in to enforce the following:

  • removing the Godly Ten Commandments monument from Judge Roy Moore's Courthouse lobby in Alabama and then even forcing him off the bench for placing that monument in the foyer, where Lady Justice resides.

  • severing the crucial feeding tube from the semi-comatose, now late Terry Schiavo even while she was in the hospital where doctors had vowed "To first do no harm."

  • arresting people of good will standing and praying on pavements outside of abortion clinics to compel the mother and father, too, to let the little one come forth and live.

  • protecting perversion of all kinds being performed on public streets even in broad daylight when the police are empowered to uphold the peace and good order of societal values.

  • escorting the helpless elderly to cut short their lives of deep despair with the help of doctor-assisted suicide.

  • watching over the atheist and his poster which he had placed next to a Christmas display denigrating Christmas and Christians.

Notice how our leadership and even some who profess to be Christian don't hesitate to label God-fearing people as being paranoid, crazy, satanic, evil, fools, liars, haters, homophobic, and whatever else they wish to laughingly call us? They do it to intimidate and silence us to enable them to continue to drag down each generation with them. These actions must be stopped and we are not confident that this new administration will help in the coming new year or beyond.

What is the conclusion of all of these ongoing atrocities we have witnessed?
I may not know but I do know that God knows, and He is the solution.

Please prayerfully enter here to read and sign on to this brand new online petition and voice your No Confidence Vote Against the 2009 Obama-Biden administration. Thanks.