Monday, December 8, 2008

About Clergywomen Iron Pen Writings

The name, Iron Pen, comes from the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 17, King James Bible translation.

I created a new petition and placed it online to offer an opportunity for like-minded people to connect and express a collective voice of dissent to the Obama-biden administration and the nation. We have already seen much of what we have all gleaned from diligent research come to fruition. For example, Obama's illegal coalition government is creating his participatory form opposed to the constitutional representative form which calls for an elected Congress.

By now I suppose the United States Supreme Court ruling has gotten around that they have rejected one more appeal concerning Obama's status and the Constitution. We are at a crossroads as a nation, and that goes without saying. But, we must not give in and give up speaking out against inequities and whatever we believe to be ungodly and unjust. The day we do will find our offspring living in an entirely different country than we were reared.

Obama's plans are blatantly against the United States Constitution and, as such, they are dangerous. But who is there in leadership who will stop and block Obama's New Left Socialist-Communist plans from changing all of our lives, if our legislators and judiciary won't? And they won't. But, now, Obama is headed for the leadership of our Executive Branch (the Office of the President).

If any one believes this effort is in vain and will be of no affect, then at least any of us who is trying will be able to say that we tried and, moreover, we will have some evidence to show for it, when the time comes which I know and believe that it will come. And Obama and his Chicago crowd will come up short, including all of the Clinton Administration people who got away the first go round but Obama brought them back around and for what? We shall see.