Monday, December 15, 2008

Barack Obama And the Hyphenated-Americans

Are Killing the American Constitution!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans, in general, have grown to become apathetic and cynical about what it means to be an American of faith and to have belief in God. And, either they have resolved themselves to the fact that our democratic republic has gone wrong and flipped or else they have just plain given over the entire nation to so-called hyphenated Americans who have crept into the fabric of the United States of America and rewoven the foundational structure. Could we be so blind that we cannot see?

Enter Barack Hussein Obama and America's Near Total Demise

Obama is the man who said he would bring transparency into the American government. He said he would unite the nation. He said he would not have a Washingtonian administration. His politics wouldn't even be political. But, instead, none of that is true.

He is found to be anything but transparent or apolitical. He is every bit the politician that his friend and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., said. But Rev. Wright was ignored, laughed at, and called crazy by news pundits and politicians and the American people, when he told us that Obama "is, after all, a politician." And, so, Obama is all set to now come riding into the topmost office in America, the Office of the President of the United States, on the backs of hyphenated Americans, of which he is chieftest of all bearing multiples of hyphenations in front of American.

When Barack Obama stood and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and read to a national audience from his prepared text which held the audience spellbound, the most that people seem to remember from that occasion is when he read, "There is only the United States of America!"

After all is said and done, there is definitely no hyphenated America, to let him tell it. But he lied and that began a string of lies that continues to paralyze this already stunned nation of American citizens who had bought into the fervor of a nation gone wrong. For, if Obama really believed in "One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all," then he would have understood that the citizenship question he has consistently refused to answer is of uppermost importance to the American people, especially when it comes to considering and selecting a leader "of the people, by the people, and for the people" from among the constitutionally mandated natural-born citizens alone.

Nevertheless, Obama has been aided and abetted by so many hyphenated Americans who, until this time, have remained hidden in the shadows. But very many of them are now presently interspersed all throughout our local, state, and national governmental agencies and various other places of decision-making, legislative bodies. And, they have finally fashioned out for themselves an American nation that is no longer recognizable. American sovereignty and nationhood have no real meaning for them, many of whom still remain loyal to wherever in the hell they came from dragging along with them suitcases packed full of their late country's traditions, characters, and laws. (No apologies. I am mad at Hell and readers ought to know it.) And wherever they unpack their bags in America, they have no regard for her laws. Instead, they demonstrate disdain, disregard, and disrespect for American values, traditions, morals, and mores. And, what's more, many have deliberately set out to work hard to overthrow our constitutional government in order to introduce their own former culture as a staple for them in America. (If that is not for or about you and yours, then stiffen your backbone and move on.) Spilling INK!!!

Newcomers understand when they arrive here that real freedom starts with their right to vote. But in order to have that right, they have to first obtain their citizenship. However, many have been erroneously led to believe that they don't have to go through the trouble of the long process before they gain recognition of being citizens. So, whether they have obtained citizenship or not, if nothing else, they understand that in order for them to remake America to include their own former lifestyles, they must position themselves in politics to be able to take the vote away from the American people.

Americans have long known what it means to live free and to die free; and, at the same time, how to allow others to come and have their freedom to be whatever they want to be -- except, for them to not be able to steal our freedoms and replace them here in America with their own crippling censorship and restrictions they sought to escape from during their past life in another land before they chose to make for themselves a new life here in America.

Regretably, even as our governmental agencies and officials are aiding newcomers who come to these shores from all parts of the globe, at the same time, our government is fostering the death of the American Constitution right before our eyes. The American people have shut their mouths, closed their eyes, stopped up their ears, and ridiculed the very ones who have long since sounded warning bells of these things to come. And, now America is face to face with all of these devastating consequences. And unhyphenated Americans do not like what we are seeing and hearing!

Where did America Go Wrong?
Did America Go Wrong?

America took in the tired and poor and welcomed them to these shores and now can no longer take in any more. Assimilation is no longer a word that is used in the American vocabulary. As well, the word, citizenship, has been redefined by noncitizens who have even refused to recognize their own illegal status of living inside of American borders. Nationalities have become blurred whereby many of the children of refugees from war-torn countries who sought shelter within the safety of free places such as, for example, America, Great Britain, France, and Canada, have ignorantly turned their backs and raised their fists and committed to destroying those nations from within.

That is not the American way! First of all, where is their gratitude? Where is their common courtesy? Where is their respect? Where is their desire for citizenship and adoption of America? America does not need stepchildren. When she adopts orphans, whether they are nation-made or self-made, she embraces the whole lost child who knocks on these shores and they become welcomed into the American family and are encouraged to live free.

Our centuries old nation did not evolve without her citizens being willing to protect and nurture her growth. Our brave men and women have not continued to fight in wars, skirmishes, and battles on far away lands not their own to be maimed or killed and buried just so the people whose lives they fought to save could come into America and take over their sons and daughters and grandchildren inheritance and replace it with their own birthplace oddities and cultures.

Whenever hyphenated Americans are encouraged to come here and remain isolated into their own man-made ghettos surrounded by only their culture, the results become a wasteland -- unbearable to either look at or to enter. Whereas, Americans have worked hard to enact laws to clean up their neighborhoods, many locations are now being overtaken by unhealthy and ungodly man-made slums with resultant gangs, murders, poverty, illiteracy, drugs, starvation, atheism, corruption, graft, and all manner of evil, which is winked at by their own newly elected officials who allow that chaos and confusion to flourish so that they can illegitimately control their own little fiefdoms. And our nation's leadership from the Capitol to the White House continue to look the other way as we watch our borders become degraded and overrun with illegals from all nations.

What Is to Be America's Solution?!

First and foremost, if America is to remain sovereign as a nation and seen as the solution for down-trodden souls, then she must once again demand and insist upon the return to Judeo-Christian faith as the basis for our foundation without excuse, apology, or compromise. As a nation, she must recognize that there is a right and a wrong and enforce it. And she must return to her demand for all who come to make America their new homeland to make a choice regardless of how hard it may be for them. But they must be called to choose which nation they will pledge their loyalties to.

Either newcomers to America who want to have rights will choose to denounce their former homeland or else choose to not become a citizen of the United States with all rights within this country. We have lived through enough confusion as it is. But the question of citizenship is one thing that must be made crystal clear to all.

There is a choice and those who come here must make it of their own freewill. And, if they view that choice to be restrictive or censorship or dictatorial, then they are free to choose to return to where they came from. Perhaps they will get to see and know there is a definite difference in lifestyles.

Americans are tired of being slighted in our own nation by our leaders and by foreigners who work in public places and look down their noses at us, if we dare to ask them to speak English when transacting business with us. Our children are penalized in schoolhouses when much-needed attention to their lessons is taken up by teachers trying to adhere to school board rules to have multi-language and multi-cultural lessons in which teachers are to purposely help our American children to forget all about their own language, culture, and self-worth for a new, global one-world style of living.

America's enigmatic problems will not be resolved until and unless all who live here or else come to these shores who intend to make America their new homeland can stand and honestly and openly declare that "I Am American period." And having so declared, all who listen and hear will know and understand without question, doubt, or fear, exactly what that means to us, to them, and to the entire world.

God bless America! May she forever remain Godly and her people remain free.