Friday, December 12, 2008

What If America Gave An Inauguration 2009 -


By Rev. Lainie Dowell

And suppose the Obamas won't have a chance to unload their moving van? Or,

Suppose they do? Will Americans have to look forward to a continuation of the Nixonian Watergate era, which eventually led to the first-time ever Retirement of a sitting President in the midst of his term in office? Or,

Will Americans have to look forward to a continuation of the Clintonian (finger pointing) era which led to the Impeachment of a sitting President in office who refused to leave the premises and stayed until the end of his term? Or,

Will Americans have to look forward to more undercover investigative reporting and listen to the reporters being called everything but truthful by the new administration? Or,

Will Americans have to duck and dodge, bob and weave, and meet secretly to get around a prospective censorship mandate from within an administration which promised transparency? Or,

Suppose the news about the FBI arresting Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) earlier this week leads him to start giving up names, places, dates, and purposes of situations linked to his being taken into custody along with his chief of staff for allegedly conspiring with others to sell Barack Obama's now vacant United States Senator Seat? Or,

During the 2004 state senate campaign, when Obama (D-IL) was a political novice and not considered to even be in the running, how do you suppose the court-ordered, sealed divorce decree of opponent Jack Ryan (R-IL) and his wife, Jerri, found its way into the very public campaign and created such a stir that (Jack) Ryan was forced to give up his already million dollar campaigning? If the court did not originally intend the release of those documents for their protection, then who else had that kind of power and authority to even get a judge to unseal them and expose them to the public during an election? A 2004 newspaper article said it was done "in response to a suit brought by the Chicago Tribune and a Chicago TV station." (source: news article by Stephen Kinzer with contributions by Jo Napolitano, New York Times, June 26, 2004)

BTW, Barack Obama won that election, too, by an unprecedented landslide. Funny how the same politicians and others who were his democratic friends then are very much still around him now, but in Chicago and Washington, D.C. (It seems his old friends don't just fade away, they just play musical chairs and get thrown under the proverbial bus for a season).

Spilling Ink Now! ~

I suppose people are looking on and thinking either to themselves or out loud that this Preacher must have lost her religion talking about Barack Obama, a black man, like she do. (sic) But, Lord knows how hard I pray, how much I've been through, how much I've seen, how much I do, that I'm not going to back up from standing up when I see a mess up.

Trying to hold my peace! But when I see the folk gone hog wild about the likes of a man who could have been or might have been worthy of leading this great nation but chose, instead, to lead this people into degradation -- and the people go willingly along all skipping and wrong. Can't take it. The man said, "Yes we can." And the people say, "Yes and Amen." That's wrong! And, if I had the national ear of the whole world, I sure wouldn't forget who I am in it -- not if I wanted to keep on living. I thank God for his education but sometimes we just have to speak the language of the natives.

But my spiritual and familial roots (genealogical not vegetable) inform me that, in Jesus, "You just can't make me doubt Him (the Lord), because I know too much about Him." And, I continue to thank God that He knows all about me, even if the whole world doesn't. Here's my hand, because God is the only one who can. And I'm going on with the Lord. Come join me. You'll be glad you did.

ObamaShame in America -- stay tuned. This story is still unfolding and there'll be continuing updates ahead.