Sunday, December 14, 2008

Has Blago Absolved Obama or Blamed Him?

Gov. Rod Blagojevich and President-elect Barack Obama

Rev. Lainie Dowell

These men are just two of the many DNC men and women and other partisan and Republican bees buzzing together in a small, glass hive and that's for sure. So, who can't help but believe that Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) does have something of value to offer up to the prosecuting bee collector in order to save both his and his wife's necks from a long jail stint? But, as some wags have been heard to say, "He (Blago) will have to start singing like a bird." And, don't you think he won't!

Does anybody recall that little diddy that Rod Blagojevich spewed out onto an audience where he spoke during his 2006 Chicago run for the office of Governor of Illinois? Have you seen the video of that political speech or heard him give it in person?

What do those Chi-knights take us for? I guess Blago thought invoking his mother's name and late father's image would get him votes. And I guess he was right about it, because he ended up remaining in the Governor's seat.

Listening to Blago brag recently out of context of his recent arrest for criminal activity (to put it mildly) while serving as a governor, what discerning persons would be misled to think Blago told his mother that he would not take bribes and that he wouldn't do anything to dishonor his father's memory (or some such mish mash)? For one thing, why would they have ever had such a conversation unless, if it happened as Blago said, his own mother had seen those unsavory characteristics in him and tried to warn him about his character (or lack thereof)?

Nevertheless, I do not believe anything that comes from out of either Blago's or Obama's mouths. They have elevated lying into an artform. Step right up anybody. Line forms on the right. Higher learning Credits available. Lying 101 now in session. You have to "Pay to Play." Just don't get caught. Oh, we haven't been able to develop that "don't get caught" course as of this century. Just ask Fitzgerald and his colleagues. I'm almost certain they won't hesitate to tell you no such lessons about escaping justice exist on their watch.

Barack Obama has the same character flaw problems as Blago. They can't seem to tell the truth even when there is no reason for them not to. They just make up stuff and that makes it so much easier for them to re-make it once they get caught up in a lie or two.

Even considering how all the DEMS' public relations, politicians, and the mainstream media had pushed Obama into those various important public service government offices which he has held for years by their failure to hold him to a higher standard in keeping with the responsibilities he had sought and acquired, they still don't get it! But, I am not as convinced as Obama and the DEMS that neither the Chicago State Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald nor any other federal government agencies intend to let either him (Obama) or any other officials off the hook who may have been either caught up in those ongoing wire taps (no pun intended) or have known anything about those negotiations for the sale of the (President-elect) United States Senate seat by Chicago Blago.

However it might appear to the mainstream media, reporters, pundits, and supporters (including their family members), this case is not yet closed.

A close read of the recent, original criminal complaint obtained for the arrest of both Blago and his now resigned chief of staff, John Harris, does not seem to spell the end of Patrick Fitzgerald's ongoing pursuit of Chi-justice. And, yet, I keep hearing some pundits and spokespersons for Obama and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., too, telling the public that they have been assured those men are not (presently) targets of the investigation.

Notwithstanding all of that, I keep hearing in my ear, Perhaps they're not considered to be targets now, but do we have any idea about what'll happen when the other shoe drops?

I keep remembering that portion of the official criminal complaint that speaks about other persons and evidence not included in that particular original affidavit. That lets me know more information was collected which is not yet publicly disclosed. After all, this investigation has reportedly been ongoing since approximately 2002 and, certainly since recent months, that signals a whole lot of wire taps and incriminating conversations along the way.


As of now, the only ones who know for certain are the criminal investigators working this case. But, do those recorded statements attributed to Blago that Obama didn't want to give him (Blago) anything for the soon-to-be vacant Senate seat except "his (President-elect) appreciation," really absolve Obama from implication in that ongoing Chicago political machine fraud and corruption?

As I read the criminal complaint, Blago had spoken those particular words during an intercepted phone discussion about the President-elect's potentially vacant Senate seat and was conjecturing about how such a deal could benefit him (Blago) financially and in other ways. And, it appears that particular conversation took place immediately before the November 4, 2008 election was held. How does that absolve Obama? Does that absolve Obama who is already perched on the edge of the Capitol steps waiting for Inauguration Day 2009, while many Americans are waiting with baited breath looking towards Chicago and Springfield, Illinois for resolution? Is it too late?

Too many pundits and politicians seem to believe that Obama is in the clear from Fitzgerald's dragnet. However, what they have failed to report, also, is that it was both now President-elect Obama and his now current chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who had helped to get Former Governor George Ryan (R-IL) out of his office and into an Illinois jail cell. And it was those same two men who worked together with others to help elect Blagojevich to that Governorship position. After which, Rahm took over Blago's seat that he had given up as a Chicago legislator. And, then, they all continued to work their magical techniques together playing musical chairs to help push Obama into political positions towards becoming their new shining star for the Democratic National Convention and the presumptive presidential nominee -- and now President-elect.

"Oh what tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive."

We have to wonder how such a political novice as Obama could have gained so much power over mature politicians in a well-known Chicago crime machine environment.

I believe all of the aforementioned have a whole lot to answer for and that it will occur sooner rather than later. I also believe this entirely corrupt situation could have been rectified and have been over by now, but for the many professionally trained national journalists who appear to be afraid of losing their paychecks, if they had conducted real investigative journalism into the matter and reported it.

The American people want both the facts and the truth to enable them to make an informed decision about what is going on in this nation and in the world. Reporters do not have to sugarcoat it, spoonfeed it, or censor it. After all, they don't censor their pornographic news reports they dispense. They do not strain and sift through their "if it bleeds it leads" mentality. And, as Jack Webb, the TV character in days long since gone famously used to say on Dragnet -- "Just the facts, ma'am."

Stay tuned. There is definitely more to come. God neither slumbers nor sleeps and He will cause all of this top-level and low-level governmental corruption to be broken wide open not just in Chicago but all across this nation for all to see, know, and understand how real He is and how puny evil mankind is without Him at the helm. Discern.