Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If Selling Obama's U.S. Senate Seat Were All!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

photo: Blagojevich, Obama, Daley

On Tuesday, December 9, 2008, by mid morning many Americans awoke to the stunning breaking news that Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) and John Harris (D), his chief of staff, had been arrested earlier in the day by the feds, handcuffed, and booked on the basis of a 76-page criminal complaint the feds had presented to obtain a court order the day before to take them into custody.

God bless U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who has pursued this relentlessly. When asked by a reporter about his opinion of what Blagojevich should do, Fitzgerald -- with his strong jawbone set -- said, "Yes, I have an opinion as a citizen but when I stand here I speak for the Seal, and the Seal has no opinion." And he said to the waiting reporters, "Next?"

Oh my!! We actually have a real patriot who, once again, is committed to doing his job to pursue justice no matter where she leads him or whose door he has to direct the feds to knock on regardless of the neighborhood or the time because, as bad as selling an elected official's seat may be -- buying and selling any elected official occupying that seat is far worse.

I mean -- we should all be down on our knees thanking God for breaking open this heretofore tough nut to crack, long known as the proverbial Chicago political machine. But we know that, regretably, we can place the name of any of the American cities or states in front of that term. That ungodly blight on America's shores has been around for decades and laughingly joked about by those on the outside and arrogantly denied by many of the same on the inside who have mounted the Capital Steps for decades to raise their hand to take the oath of office even as they try to hide their long-revealed, evil and intense hatred for America and the American way of life.

From our Congressional leaders to the mainstreet media and from the proverbial Main Street to the world reknown Wall Street, we all witnessed in realtime the press conference Fitzpatrick held to inform Americans and the world about it, if they cared to listen in. The feds did America proud, as they revealed the ongoing investigations which, today, yielded an extensive criminal complaint outlining their legal reasons for having taken such drastic actions against that well-known wheeling and dealing personality who believed his office gave him leave to abuse his authority.

Therein was his mistake. And let's hope that others in office, elected or appointed, from all over this nation will see and tremble and fear, because back in the day, Blagojevich and many of his democrat supporters, including Barack Obama and his current top man, Rahm Emanuel, had both along with others helped to oust former Gov. Ryan (R-IL), by their same kinds of outspoken accusations against him, which are now against Blago. (sic) And, newspaper reports from that time support the fact that they didn't just stop with former Gov. Ryan and they have not stopped to this day poisoning the rivers of a just and legal electoral process. God knows.

And, Congress needs to pass a law that anybody who covers up any aspect of a known criminal activity and who deliberately uses any office for personal gains is subject to jail, also. Because, collusion and corruption does not grow in a vacuum. Whereas they plead they were not involved in the outcome, where did they stand from the outset? Crooked officials cannot flourish and get Napolianic complexes unless they are continuing to be encouraged by those who can stop them.

But, then, of course, any such laws would mean America could possibly be left without any elected representation in Congress. Have things gotten so bad that Americans can now accept nominees' who come in protesting that they are not perfect when they vie for leadership offices in this nation? Well, I say, if they are not perfect, then they should be turned back until they aspire to be, before stepping up to the polls.

The Proverbial Dragnet Is Out and About!

It is House-cleaning time! This is not just a state issue, but it is a national blight, because it is everywhere, and Americans who love this country know it. And, this time, let our government mean it when they say they are going to round it all up and route it wherever it is. And let the corrupt perpetrators know their time is coming around, too!! No more free rides to harm Americans and our right to pursue life, liberty, and God.

The biggest dragnet is trolling and the biggest ever fish is going to be caught up in the networks hovering deep under the seas of unrest rolling all across America. Even those giddy souls who were ecstatic about the seemingly overwhelming win of Barack Obama merely because he is a black man need to take note that color is no bar to being corrupt whatever the position and it never has been. And, regardless of how much they might protest that for anybody to voice opposition to Obama is a racist (even black people, too), then they ought to take a look at their own motives.

Black people who also have become the "huddled masses on these teeming shores yearning to breathe free."

In America, whether slave or free, people have welcomed Obama as their savior who will free all of them from the grips of capitalism and their white overseers, came out in droves and hooped and cried at the very thought! And, at that point, even the whites who had joined them, supported their cause, and pushed the numbers to get Obama elected for history's sake, were no longer useful to the cause.

I wonder if they realize that yet. For, to let the black folk who supported Obama tell it, racism is not dead. They are not free. They are not satisfied. They are not through. They won't get through until they have America as a black State or Continent in the mode of Africa. And we know what kind of state they are in, mainly caused by unscrupulous, corrupt, socialist, sociopathic leaders who gained office to fill their own coffers and foment terror among the inhabitants to keep them at one another's throats so they won't come after them.

Religious leaders and, even, Oprah Winfrey fell for this ploy and she is reportedly one of the richest women in the whole world (beyond color) . She was known to have been widely respected as a person who knew right from wrong (some times). But on November 4, 2008, when Obama was crowned king of kings and savior and lord of the black folk all over the whole world, Oprah got down with the folk and wept like she had just lost her dear petfriend, Sophie, all over again. After all, he had Oprah's seal of approval and, through her, access to many rich people waiting to please her.

Tears of joy?! Tears of sorrow?! Tears of trials and tribulations?! Whatever!! All of those tears any of those people shed will mingle together and they will not ever compare to the tears that are yet to flow under an untested, untried, and unvetted Obama-Biden administration. And, guess what? Obama's hands will be nowhere near the hammer when it comes down and strikes its damnable blows across the necks of Americans who never realized how good they had it in the years before they accepted his leadership without first determining what it would mean for them to have him in the people's house.

Guess what? If you think that I am angry, you are right! And if you think that I am wrong to be feeling this way, then my heart knows that your heart simply cannot see what I and many others see that is headed your way. I don't know about you, but I was born in America and I know what it means to struggle in the face of adversity. Say on ---

It is not right that babies and children of all ages are being abused and murdered with impunity.

It does not make sense that homosexuals should be allowed to equate ungodly perversion to Judeo-Christian faith or to any other clean living.

It does not make sense that any state in this union would allow people to lose their homes to foreclosure and, unbeknownst to homeowners, allow squatters to take over their land and live free of rent or mortgage instead of letting the homeowners remain in their homes.

It does not make sense that crooked people are excused and innocent people are accused and carted off to prison without hope of ever getting out.

It does not make sense that, despite all of the filthy disclosures surrounding Barack Obama that our government still refuses to investigate his connection to his many friends who are either now in jail or headed for jail, including Blagojevich, and, yet, to give Obama and his wife excuses after excuses and the keys to the White House under all of these clouds -- and expect the American people to shut up and like it or face severe censorship or worse while their plans continue in open to change our Constitutional form of government in America.

When the people have exchanged the truth for a lie, they will die in their ignorance by the hands of the liars they had entrusted to take out the truth tellers.

Oh the pitiful lot of all who walk blindly into the graves already dug and waiting in the name of corruption and evil. But, because they are hidden from view, they can easily sneak up on the unsuspecting and shove them in as they stand pondering about what those holes are for. And, when they are shoved into the open graves and watch as the dirt is turned to cover their faces, let this thought come into their empty heads and replenish their lost minds to know that they had been warned but that they had refused to heed the warnings.

Instead, they have fallen for the cunning trickery of Barack Obama to change his outer clothing to get your attention, but his inner laundry is as filty as anything Americans have ever seen before and never hope to see again on these once holy shores.

Do not speak of Obama in that way, you say? Well he spoke of our sitting President George W. Bush far worse than that even when Obama knew he was less than that and will remain so. No Obama will not change. His way is set. His feet are on a path where you were never intended to step upon.

And, does it get worse? Only if Americans refuse to listen and hear and continue to go against the Living Lord and following after the smooth but empty words of men and women who follow a man whose head is as empty as his words. And that man is Barack Obama.

O.K. Judeo-Christians. You already know the rest of the story. We are victorious. We have freedom. We have God's truth. And, they who are evil and want to take America down the road to Hell need to know, without apology or compromise that we are all standing up with one voice to scream the Hell out of America.

Now, lift up your voice America and now say, America is Judeo-Christian and our God will not have us ignorantly going along with mankind's destructive ways and doctrines. For we have come to this place for such a time as this! For such a TIME as this! We shall not be silenced and we shall not be moved. But Hell shall. And anybody who doesn't agree can talk to God about it. He'll tell you.

May God continue to bless America.